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Something Funny Happened on my Way to Utopia is Meiosis' best album yet, showcasing a whole range of Meiosis sounds with a new and exciting take on some old favourites and some new soon-to-be classics!


The new album can now be downloaded on a pay what you like basis at and can also be purchased as a CD by clicking here.  


Newcastle based songwriter, Martin Thompson will release his new album on March 10th 2015. A download only version is already available on a ‘Pay What You Like’ basis, technically meaning it is free but we’re not holding it against you to drop him a few quid for the pleasure and a physical CD will ship from 10th March for a handsome sum of £5 (plus P&P). Both will be made available at as well as a few copies being hidden somewhere between ‘L’ & ‘M’ in the local section of RPM Records (CD version only for obvious reasons).

On this album, his 4th since 2011, Martin has painstakingly written, voiced, sequenced and played every note & beat using the same home recording techniques as on his previous 3 recent albums. The album’s title has been inspired by a semi-fictional film centred on the one time leader Of Newcastle City Council, T. Dan Smith, and a track is dedicated as a tribute to the man that was once such a controversial figure on Tyneside.

Other tracks focus on the usual song writing fodder of childlike hallucinatory episodes when one is infected with tonsillitis (‘Alice In Wonderland Syndrome’, ‘Vivid Dreams’), returning to once abandoned personal ideals & ethics(‘Return Of the Dead Eyes’) and the regular appraisal of Martin’s own music as ‘Bowiesque’ (‘Pull The Ladder Up , Jack’) which just so happens to be somewhat ironically & perhaps obviously quite ‘Bowiesque' in itself.

Music also available on iTunes, or to stream at Spotify.

And watch Meiosis live and unleashed - a playlist of highlights, oddballs, official videos and treats is available here.

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omething Funny Happened On My Way To Utopia (self release)

This is Newcastle-based singer/songwriter Martin Thompson’s fourth album, and, as with his previous three, and due to the wonders of home-recording, he has played every note on it. And he remains as idiosyncratic as ever, writing pop songs that come out of the leftfield and addressing topics such as controversial Newcastle councillor T. Dan Smith, and the notion that his music sounds “Bowiesque” (Pull The Ladder Up, Jack – sounding, appropriately enough, like an off-cut from Aladdin Sane).


Songs For 20 Something Year Olds (self release)

Meiosis is actually Newcastle based Martin Thompson, a talented so-and-so who certainly knows his way around a wonky tune with added Scott Walker style flavours. There are touches of Bowie too (from the tuneful playfulness of his Hunky Dory period to the avant-clatter of Low). And you’ve got to love a tune called Roald Dahl which has the refrain: "We miss you… When I die, be dignified.


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