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Tuesday 2nd August 2011. Blog #12.


The most exciting things that have happened this week are:

1. My teeth stopped hurting me so much that I was considering starting a moreish heroin addiction like the musicians Peter Docherty and Amy Winehouse to stop the pain. It would have been fine - I haven't heard either Pete Docherty or Amy Winehouse complain about their teeth this week and there appear to be no obvious side effects.

2. I have very very nearly finished my first album in 10 years! I find this very exciting, almost childlike excitement. The last time I released an album I was at the tender age of 17. I guess back then I felt the same childlike excitement because I was actually a child. Although, if the 17 year-old could see the 29 year-old me writing this scathing comment about him he'd probably protest about it. I don't care. I think the 17 year-old me is a cunt and he can come and get me if he can find me.

3. This website appears to be really taking off like a little balloon floating into cyberspace. Mainly toward the end of last week - probably people looking for this blog which did not appear last week due to the 2 occurrences detailed above. If all be told I am actually bullied into writing this blog every week and I don't actually want to rant at you all… but I feel I have to otherwise (as I am told) I will be mentally punished.

My tasks this week have centred around getting my teeth to stop hurting (for all you tooth fans - I had 2 holes, 1 gum infection and a wisdom tooth barging in like an uncle in a pink shirt at a wedding, so I feel I was justified in my whinging) and also getting some serious work done on this album. The bulk of the work is done and I now have something like 90% ready for human consumption. After having not written songs at this rate for many years it's great to find out I can still do it! The 17 year-old me was able to knock out at least one a day (and write a song after too) but the older me takes a lot longer to think and function. So being able to write the songs I have over the last 4 months and record them to a half decent standard has proven more to me than maturity itself ever will. As - if I wanted to be modest - I believe these songs are as good as, if not better than I have ever written. And that's what I was really worried about… as I get a little bit older I have lost the knack to do many things and I'm relieved I can still push myself to write music and lyrics. I live for music and really music alone. Without music I'd be a lost soul. Writing my own music is not an extension of that. It's a necessity. I don't care who hears it never mind actually purchases it, as long as I can still write and hear what I am doing I will be ok. That's all!

Which brings me to the worrying fact that at 29, after having been writing songs and listening to loud music since I was about 11, I now appear to be developing the problems you'd expect. The things your mother told you would happen if you carry on being a wreckless prick! I have tinnitus in my left ear. It's kind of mild at the moment. It doesn't ring like they say it does. It buzzes. It comes and goes too - when it's bad - when somebody speaks to me it hurts! When it's good I find myself tilting to the right in order to hear. When it's neither up nor down it 'fuzzes' like a broken headphone in one ear.

Now, for somebody who loves listening, playing and making music and enjoys the depth and quality of recordings and appreciates the production values of recordings and the value of sound quality at gigs you may understand this is a bit of a shitter!

I refuse to wear ear plugs for gigs until I pass the age of 30 but when I was investigating a couple of years ago when I first noticed something was up I discovered that for 30 quid you can buy some cool ear protecting ear plugs that actually enhance the sound of gigs as - as well as protecting your tiny fragile ear drums - they also cut out all of the useless white noise, giving you a better sound.

However, that is a purchase to be made next year as I may be many things… overweight, balding, sexually ambivalent. But I am not yet 30!

I've been fine with gigs this year anyway as most of the concerts I have attended have been outdoors where it's never that loud anyway. I'm not promoting bands and putting on gigs these days either so things should be fine for now. As I get older I get less inclined to listen to everything at the volume where you can feel it as well as hear it. I'm happy muddling along with 2D music!

Since I mention outdoor shows, I thought I had best mention now while I have a chance that I have, this year more than ever, seen some amazing live gigs. Once I realised that this was the last summer of my 20s and I should really go for it and do as many nice things as possible before I get too old to be bothered… I did. I booked myself an unbelievable summer. Apart from it being quite expensive - I can't see a reason to stop. Although my younger other half can!

I'll carry on as if nobody is looking! Whatever you want to do. Do it now and pay later!

As usual, I'll leave you with a couple of apt tunes for the words above:

"It's no problem if you play it cool, things are different if you act the fool."

"No more loud music."

If you'd like to buy tickets for 'The Bowie Experience' show I'm putting on (the best Bowie tribute band in the world are playing World Headquarters, Newcastle on Saturday 26th November. Meiosis & Captain Trips are supporting) click here: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/121285

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