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Saturday 3rd December 2011. Blog #26.


That Bowie gig I did then? Was fucking awesome. The Bowie Experience is easily the finest tribute Bowie band to walk this earth – everyone should book them for their weddings, garden parties, funerals, birthdays… or like me – just to see a decent David Bowie tribute band play in your town – yourself!

It wasn’t a lucrative night though. I have a few debts to pay off now. Fortunately I have a decent enough income from my day job to be able to do that relatively quickly. I see myself as a very lucky man. But I keep a close watch on this heart of mine – we need to do things like this that we love but in order to know about these we need to do the things we hate too. We all whinge about our work – but let’s face it music does not pay very well so without a very boring and tedious job to have to work through between shows then these things would never happen.

Of course some aren’t so lucky. Some work for the civil service and our state has continually fucked them over for roughly (coincidentally I’m sure) as long as we have had a Tory government. I’m trying to remember the last time when there was a strike on such a massive scale? Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t it the last time we had a Tory government?

I find it very easy to be true, I voted Lib Dem at the last election. I always have. I should be ecstatic that they have got into some kind of power, but I’m not that bothered. I think things may have been far worse had the Tories been left to their own devices but I fear that bunching up with the Conservatives for a while may have completely ruined the party forever. It’s a shame – but it was a fair gamble for Mr Clegg and I respect them for it. He is walking a very tight line between keeping Mr Cameroon happy and keeping his own supporters on board. It’s an impossible task. I’m very much looking forward to the next election. A term of Tory government was essential 2 years ago. Just to give some more liberal and social parties a taste of what can happen if you become too smug and secure. I hope our state-paid workers get a better deal – fuck the country’s debt. Nobody in this country cares about getting stuff on credit – that is one thing that will be demonstrated en masse this month. Just pay people a decent wage and give them the benefit they need and the country, economy and bins will almost run themselves with little intervention.

Pay and treat people well and leave them alone to do a decent job and the vast majority probably will. Those who don’t – fuck them. Literally. Use a broom handle or a sawn-off shotgun. They’ll probably enjoy it but that’s fine as long as they can pay from their own wage the price of the doctors and nurses who have to remove such an object; the psychotherapists that have to talk them through their trauma; the police men and women who have to arrest them for possession of an unlicensed firearm; the teachers who have to teach their descendants in history what happened to lazy slackers; the transport workers who took the oil rig worker to his oil rig to put the petrol in the can they used to set fire to their home that they chose to burn down for insurance fraud in order to pay for all of the above – and then the fire brigade who came to put it out, then the police men and women who they needed to involve in order to obtain the crime reference number needed to obtain the insurance money; and the bloke who works for the job centre who will help them find employment to get them back to square one and hopefully (fingers crossed) doesn’t fuck up by being a lazy slacker.

I’ll admit that I’m a fool for you but I’m quite a liberal man and that may sound like a right-wing kind of law to want to introduce – but I’m definitely on to something. As long as it’s never abused it should be fine. What I feel I have done there is walk the line between something you should agree with and something you shouldn’t. The answer is you probably should (up until just after I said "pay and treat people well and leave them alone to do a decent job").

So although I think last Saturday’s Bowie gig was awesome, I’m happy to leave my promoter’s hat there for now. I’m not going to do any more. I seriously think I am the best promoter I have ever met – but that depends on how you look at it. I never make any money – but I’m not interested in making money. First and foremost I have always been a musician and I love to see my fellow musicians have a good show.  Promoting other bands was originally a way to get myself back into getting involved with music again after a few years of being a bit incapable. I find myself alone when each day is through and a rather close-by death made me a bit reluctant to write songs, and having written 3 or 4 songs a week up until that point – once a year goes by without writing any, you just forget that you could ever do it. It’s been nice to have the knowledge and confidence to be able to reform myself back into a version of Meiosis again. I’ve been doing this for a year now and that’s what I will be doing more of from now on. I’ve been getting the odd “offer I can’t refuse” every now and then to put on gigs for certain bands and I guess that will continue. Unless Meiosis is involved somehow – I’m not interested anymore.

So for 5 years I feel I have been a very brave boy for putting on gigs that aren’t lucrative but I can say with my hand on my heart that I have seen some of the best music from Newcastle and beyond show-cased in the city. If I can walk a line between breaking even financially and putting on the music I truly believe is worth showcasing to others then I’d carry on… but I don’t think I have it in me to lose any more hair stressing over it. I really hope some people have the balls to put those kinds of gigs on in Newcastle again. If not? And that’s the kind of thing you love? I’ll see you at a Meiosis gig soon!

I keep my eyes open all the time… two men came up to me at work today. One of them was very drunk and the other was trying to help. The sober man said he had no idea who the drunk man was and he had just found him outside the football ground before the game – they would not let the drunken man into the match because he was (you guessed it) – too drunk. The drunk man was very drunk. At first I thought he was blind and had someone helping him onto a train. The sober man turned out to be a ‘Good Samaritan’ type who was helping the drunk man out of the kindness of his heart. He even offered to pay for the drunk man’s train fare back to Edinburgh as the drunk man had lost his ticket. The sober man looked after and talked to the drunk man for about two hours. I reckoned the drunk man’s mates would probably have his ticket and that maybe the sober man should wait until the football was over and help him find them to go home with rather than sending him off on his own. I didn’t say this as this appeared to be exactly what the sober man was doing. We offered all the advice we could and they both sat down and waited, happily chatting. The drunk man was sobering up quite nicely and I thought to myself ‘isn’t this a great showcase for the true human spirit. Even though this sober man is obviously doing this for religious reasons which I don’t believe in, surely religion must be a good thing if it creates people as generous and as caring as this?’

Then the sober man had a phone call from his wife to say his daughter had been knocked down by a car. He left and the drunk man went to Wetherspoons to wait for his mates.

I’m not sure what that taught me today. It’s either – don’t believe in ‘what goes around comes around’ (I refer to my statement above about lazy slackers), or maybe – you should just take a little bit of time-out to help someone more vulnerable than you should you happen to come across them. All it costs you is time, and time is something we can all give endlessly. I hope the drunk man remembers the sober man who helped him. I hope he doesn’t laugh about him with his mates. I hope he wakes up tomorrow and remembers that someone had the human decency to care for him when he needed care and may well have been knocked over himself. Either that or I hope the drunk man got bummed by a bouncer and the sober man’s daughter was OK.

Here’s the song by Johnny Cash I have so obviously been referring to throughout this blog:

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