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Monday 5th November 2012. Blog #64.


How do you begin when you don’t want to begin? How do you end when you do not want to end? I feel closer to the end of this incarnation of Meiosis than I do to the start. I set myself the goal, the target of 3 albums in 3 years and I’ve just started writing my 3rd album. I have absolutely no time to do, or think, or wonder where this ‘Meiosis’ thing might lead because I have spent so much time on writing, recording, mixing, releasing and not promoting the music. I hate promoting. It’s the worst bit of making music. Once upon a time – that bit was left to somebody else. Not now, you have to creep among the realms of the popular press as an ‘artist’ now to even make yourself noticed. Faking it to DJs, journalists & anyone in the media you can lay your cold ‘promoter’s’ hands on. I hope that Jimmy Savile dies.

I have spent the last three weeks only really concentrating on my own endeavours, mixing live music I have recorded and re-organising our own Meiosis website. Drinking beer and eating mainly my own snot, I think we may be soon in a place to finally offer something wonderful.

Tonight is Bonfire/Guy Flukes night. I call him “Guy Flukes” because I kinda respect him. If someone was to blow up the Houses of Parliament today, I think we’d be happy for the fresh start. Can we save Tom Watson MP? I like him. I don’t really call him Guy Flukes. That’s just what ‘Windows Correction Fluid’ wanted me to call him and I got a paragraph out of it so… there!

I don’t like fireworks, or bonfires. I enjoy everybody but me having a nice time though, so I admired some distant fireworks from afar as I was walking home from work this evening. It occurred to me that from a distance – anything grotesque and ugly can be considered beautiful. The fireworks looked wonderful and I’m glad some people may have been enjoying them.

However, I can’t understand why those people haven’t been subjected to wonder, spectacle & beauty in our ordinary lives such as:


The sun  

Nice views

A drunk man falling over

A drunk woman falling over

Mountains with snow on top

A sun beam through the gap in your curtains, so you can watch the dust settle gently, alone

A maze with your loved one that does not end with an argument

The sight of some genitals of your sexual preference, that you fancy putting your face into

YouTube videos from when Terry Nutkins was alive

The smell of Spring (if it does not give you hayfever)

The smell of fresh cut grass

The sight of your own breath in the air

The fear of taking in your own fresh air

The sight of your own family

The love of your friends

The smell of garlic on your fingers after having cooked a posh meal

The look on God’s face when you tell him “Whaaaaaaat?”  (I didn’t get you owt)

The look on your face when you realise that he does not exist

The look on your face when you realise that YOU exist

What may be going on through your own eyes and in your own brain may be not the same as what happens in anybody else’s.

As you read this, aren’t you concerned at all, as to why you exist? The world you see through you own eyes may be a bit strange – but how about you put yourself in somebody else’s shoes every now and then? There are charities and things that can do that for you, if you want to give them money. How about we just think? Think who we are – what we are and most importantly, how we can gain together.

I still need some demos from unsigned bands for our podcast. You can send them to me at MusicByMeiosis at Gmail.com – unfortunately – I can’t post my email address on this blog as I end up getting horribly abused – but I think if you’re clever and not a complete social dropout, then you’ll be able to find my email addy above. I think the first podcast will be out in late November.

Twitter: @MuiscByMeiosis.com


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