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Saturday 7th January 2012. Blog #30.


This Sunday is Mr David ‘Bowie’ ‘Ziggy’ ‘Starman’ ‘Thin White Duke’ ‘Tin Machine’ ‘Berliner’ ‘Major Tom’  Jones’ 65th birthday. 15 years ago Bowie staged a massive birthday bash concert in New York with guests reaching far and wide across the musical spectrum that he travelled through to arrive at that point. Lou Reed was there, Billy Corgan was there, The Foo Fighters were there, Frank Black was there, Robert Smith was there and Sonic Youth were there.

It’s probably safe to say that now in 2012 it is unlikely that Bowie would ever stage anything like this ever again. He has been pretty reclusive since his last tour ended prematurely due to a little heart complaint in 2004. I can’t blame him. He has a young daughter and perhaps decided he’d like to watch her grow up, he’s pretty much done everything any fan could ever ask of him already and he has an outstanding back catalogue that reaches far and wide across the musical genres. Rumours are now gathering steam that he has retired but I don’t really believe them. Whatever Bowie chooses to do in the future it will be unexpected. Unless he has problems with his health that he is keeping to himself then I’m guessing at some point he’ll be back and when he is I’m going! One of my biggest regrets in life is that I have not had the pleasure of seeing David Bowie live. I don’t care where it is or when it is, I’m just going… OK?

In other news I have been busy. Here are some loose ends that people ask me about but I haven’t really made publicly available on the World Wide Web. Here’s the information in all of its boring and gory detail:

I’ve got 2 gigs this month, the first is at The Bridge Hotel, Newcastle on Thursday 12th January – this is part of a string of dates at the venue being organised by my good compadre, Ian Courtney (@cowandspoon on Twitter) all in aid of the great little charity, Coalition Against Crime which helps young people who are at risk of turning to crime to earn their way in life and to point them back towards the right path. Tickets are £4 and are available here: http://www.wegottickets.com/f/3519. If you are thinking of attending I’d hurry the fuck up if I was you as Ian tells me sales have been extremely healthy. The Meiosis night is part 2 on Thursday and I’ve no idea what time I’ll be on stage so make sure you arrive for 7:30pm!
The next gig is on Sunday 29th January and it fulfils a bit of a short term ambition of mine to play the Cluny. Entry will be £3 on the door and Meiosis will be on first at about 8pm. I’ve arranged some top dogs to play after Meiosis, namely Psy Of The Dead (@psystatic) , Deltasound (@deltasounduk) and Captain Trips (@Captaintripsuk). It promises to be a fun-fuelled night with limited swearing, as I have invited my parents.

I have also written what may well be the first 5 minutes of my next album. I’m aiming to have something out in the autumn. The track is called Riding on a Wave of Coolness & Calm and is a bit different to the style of my current album, Where Reality Ends and I Begin, which is available to buy on this website!

Finally, I think it’s about time I mentioned that a month ago today I made a pop music video for the ‘Where Reality Ends…’ track ‘Maniac FM’.

I awoke on the morning of Wednesday 7th December after a night of heavy drinking. With not so much of a hangover but something else banging around my head. It was an idea. I had a crazy idea for a music video that might just work and I spent the next 7 hours of the day making my idea into a reality. The concept was to portray some ‘maniacs’ in a different light. It was tragic and fun at the same time. Enlightening to me too – I discovered that my bald patch is getting larger. In 7 hours I achieved more or less what was in my head when I woke up, which any creatives among us will know isn’t often possible.

Anyway – decide for yourself. Watch the video and then seek help. You may pity me for the thoughts that cross my mind as this is one of the few that have managed to step out into reality.

Help Martin Thompson achieve a normal and stable life by checking out the rest of this website: http://www.musicbymeiosis.com

Maybe buy something as well you tight Mofos.

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