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Friday 9th September 2011. Blog #16.

In the spirit of being a DIY musician I have prepared a promotional video for 'This Time'. In the spirit of being a DIY musician I filmed it on my iPhone. In the spirit of being a DIY musician I made @undammed on the Twitters walk backwards over a very busy North Bridge in Edinburgh (twice) and also across a road next to what us Geordies lovingly call 'The Trainspotting Steps' but this probably annoys those from Scottsland so much I shall refer to them as 'The Stairs by The Black Bull Tavern On Carlton Road'.

Other bits of footage on the video were filmed in London, some more in Newcastle and a little bit more at The Glastonbury Festival. Now all this makes the video sound very exciting, interesting and intriguing for a young DIY musician to have made by himself with a little help from a bunch of people who know jack shit fuck all about creating and editing videos. So I have added the video to the bottom of this blog for you to become disappointed and even maybe annoyed at.

In the spirit of being a DIY musician, I have also been designing the album cover and inlay. It's difficult to find an image that depicts the phrase "where reality ends and I begin". So when I discovered a thoughtless snap of a red lorry overtaking a yellow lorry in the middle of the night on a motorway somewhere in the mid-west of England I thought it summed up the album rather well. Dark, bleak frustration with a hint of helplessness.

In the spirit of being a DIY musician I have found myself getting a little bit overwhelmed with the workload on this album. I still have two songs to mix - possibly some guest appearances to add in (although, by the way these have been going, possibly not) and then the endless slog of promoting the bloody thing all by myself. Not to mention all the correspondence I have to start thinking about firing off to distributors, record shops, radio, magazines etc.  The other night, whilst listening to this stupid fucking album for what seems like the one millionth time, I hit what athletes know as 'The Wall' (I know in musical terms this would refer to Pink Floyd but shut up and stay with me because I can't be bothered with your nitpicking!). I just wanted to give up. Would it really make any difference to me if I just quit? It might actually do me a favour - after all the best I can hope for financially from the album is not to lose too much money - but of course, I'm not doing it for the money so perhaps a little bit of recognition for my music will be the best outcome. This is also unlikely.

So in the spirit of being a DIY musician, have I for the best part of a year endured the hard work, disappointments and pain of creating this album for nothing? Probably. I may have gained a little bit of self-satisfaction from it but I am unlikely to get much more than that. So in the spirit of being a DIY musician I have realised that nobody wants to be a DIY musician. Those who bang on about it being the way forward and say "well, these days bands can just whack out a record themselves and need not bother with the labels at all" should be put right as soon as they open their big stupid mouths. It's really fucking difficult! And the likelihood of you getting anything of worth out of it are so small that unless you are a complete fruit loop you would be able to see before you start that you don't have the resources and the whole episode is utterly pointless.

However, in the spirit of being a DIY musician… given the choice of this route or being signed and severely shafted by one of the major labels - I'd choose this route this time and every time.  

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