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Tuesday 10th January 2012. Blog #31.


I spent the entire evening on Bandcamp. Again. Just because I decided in my tiny mind that you might like to hear for free the music I grafted away on before you buy it. I got a payment for the first 3 months of my album sales. It appears my album sales are healthy in Brazil (they buy any crap), New Zealand (I’m yet to work out if they exist – I must go there) and Japan (anyone’s guess is as good as mine). I received a reasonable sum of money and I was happy with it.

If you don’t want to read about a musician whinging, don’t read this. If you do – then you will absolutely love this – but be sure to buy some stuff at the end!

Until I realised that I have been playing exclusively live in Newcastle, England for the past year and my album sales in Newcastle have been relatively low. It’s very odd that people from afar seem to be loving my music and the people nearby don’t give a shit. Isn’t that odd?

Oh two people in Manchester have downloaded my album too - which makes sense as for some reason loads of people in Manchester have been looking at this website of mine (possibly reading this blog). Thanks for that. And a belated thanks to all those in Brazil, Japan and New Zealand  who appear to have more than £5 to spare on an something that is truly beautiful and that was made not from music industry money but blood, sweat and tears (well not quite, it was made of beer, crusty bread and thinking).

Anyway, Spotify apparently can’t stream my album as they are too busy uploading the entire US market that they have just launched themselves into. Stupid fucking US market. I love Spotify and use it to listen to most of the music I listen to. I thought it a great place to have my album stream so loads of people can listen to it easily. It was supposed to be there in October last year. When I asked they gave me the ‘American market’ excuse and said it’d be there in a month.

If Spotify want to indulge in the US market then they can – but they will become as shit as any global company. Whereby I mean – they will not be able to give their customers a good experience of their product. Too big is too bad in my book and I was hoping someone could come along and fix this soon.

But no – Spotify have linked into Facebook and now the world is ending. Only Richard Branson can save us now.

Well… Is that how I really feel – or am I just annoyed at the fact that I got a nice cheque from the people who sell my album online and not one sale seems to have been made locally. I’m pleased I have global appeal.

I’ve decided to fuck Spotify and stream my album for free on BandCamp. I already had a Bandcamp page that has loads of stuff on it. That’s right I give away all my music for free now. If you want to visit it then I’d recommend my new album and listening to the Fram FM session we did in 2000 (for free).

I can’t complain. My music is the only way I will remain (in)sane  - so I will continue making it however many people don’t buy it – but at least fucking listen to it, you massive cheap cunts!

I was going to be self indulgent and post you all a link to a copy of The Cynet Committee by David Bowie (it was his birthday on Sunday) but I decided that the way forward is to promote someone else who needs some promotion like me and if you don’t wanna buy my album (which you do) – look up this man as I find him inspiring.

Here’s the link to my music page: http://www.musicbymeiosis.com/music.html

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