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Friday 11th May 2012. Blog #46.


It has not escaped my attention that from today I have been writing this blog for a year. I’d like to say that within that year I have achieved what I set out to do, however I have no idea of what it was I set out to achieve. I have even tried reading my first few, to see if they held any clues but… no they didn’t. I suppose the main reason I do it is to drive some recurring traffic to the website and to encourage peeps to listen to my music, and it appears to kind of work… [COUGH] BRITNEY SPEARS NAKED.

I did consider stopping now as sometimes it is a real struggle to think of something interesting to write about and sometimes (arguably always) I can’t think of anything interesting at all, so end up opening up a blank page and getting drunk until something just spills out. The blog has also got me into a few scrapes – but when I have actively encouraged people to sue me they only disappoint. Although secretly I’m quite relieved no one has actually sued me, as I doubt I’d find the experience at all convenient anyway. On the whole I think it’s a positive thing to sit down once a week and force yourself to do something that you are obviously incapable of. So I guess I’ll carry on.

It’s worth me pointing out now that I was originally inspired to do this by Richard Herring, who has written a blog every day for almost ten years. I think that’s an amazing feat of obsessiveness. He’s only around six months behind the world record holder and, although he has recently written about stopping at the ten year mark, I very much doubt his personality will allow him to stop now. What if the bloke stops a week later? It’d take ten years and one week to get the title back! It you don’t believe me (and I can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t) Mr Herring’s blog can be found at http://www.richardherring.com/warmingup

I was considering making the blog a little different and more ‘grown up’ from now on. With perhaps some reviews, essays or creative writing. However, I woke up at 4am the other morning with some kind of lyrics, or poetry if you like, stuck in my head, which I thought I should quickly write down. This happens a lot in the night and in the cold clear light of day you can never remember the idea you had or what was in your head to give you this creative spark that you couldn’t shake out at the time. So, remembering as always at these times that Paul McCartney dreamt Yesterday in his 1960s pre hair-dyed sleep, I decided I should just get the fuck up and write this bastard down. The only good it did me in the end was to be able to get it out of my head and therefore be able to get back to sleep.

The idea in essence was that I was walking down a street at dawn. It was a street with one of those huge gas cylinder things at the end that they use to store… erm… gas. And I could see a giant looking at me, he was a bit cross-eyed, and the longer I looked, the more cross-eyed he became. At the end, I came to my senses and discovered that the giant was no super-human after all but his left eye was the sun and his right eye was the moon. The gas cylinder? That’s his tongue!

So to prove to you that I should not allow the blog to become part of my creative writing, essays or reviews, I shall publish for you what I wrote down at 4am that morning between sleeps. As firstly, it makes no sense and secondly it’s fucking awful poetry!


I dart past the traffic at Team Street, I look in my path above and beneath, at the giant staring,

If I think of my time when all lime sublime and my past sup lasts, like I keep on fairing,

I’m not interested in scaring, but I think another eye is caring for me,

For the giant’s eye I see is not for me but in a sky, we’re all wearing.

At 4am I try to descend but the animal’s past in my brain I am gifted,

We don’t honourably decide where we can hide but you can choose how you’re directed,

The other giant’s eye moves up in the sky, he looks bog eyed,

When I move up close, he’s got to be a ghost, I’m not decided.

When I look up close I see one eye is a moon and the other is a sun, I feel stupid,

But it could have been a balloon or a shoulder for shun, other than Cupid,

I don’t feel I should be ashamed for thinking of a giant,

With cross eyes on his face & a gas cylinder for a tongue,

And his eyes turned out to be the moon and the sun.


This week I performed at The Telegraph in Newcastle. It was a lovely little gig with about 40 or 50 people attending. I was a bit tired and feeling unwell on the night, so rather than managing the time and running order, quite early on I just gave up, meaning we overran by about an hour. Even my own set overran by ten minutes partly due to me forgetting to take a copy of my set list onstage and having to just kind of decide what I was playing as I went and secondly due to me not setting up properly and having to grab stuff and move stuff on stage between every song. I thought I had done an awful job but as we’re recording these three gigs I’m doing this spring/summer, I had a listen back when I got home and it actually sounded kind of fine.

I have put the recording of the entire gig on my Soundcloud page if you want to judge for yourself. It’s here: http://soundcloud.com/musicbymeiosis/sets/meiosis-live-at-the-telegraph

The rest of the acts were awesome. Deltasound (Twiter: @deltasounduk), Morris Ford (Twitter: @Morris_Ford), Heather Frances – who I’m still not sure if, after 5 years, I’m billing under the correct name… Modal Nodes? Someone tell me! (Twitter: @Modalnodesuk) and a band I have never put on before called Modern Colours (who as far as I can see don’t have a Twitter, but their Facebook page is here: http://www.facebook.com/ModernColours), who were really cool and I think I’ll be putting them on again. I can only really describe them as ‘Indie Rock’ but the good kind, not the boring kind. They were exactly what we needed to end a jam-packed musically inspiring and maybe slightly drunk night.

I must also say thank you to Simon Chester, who not only puts up with doing sound for most of these Meiosis gigs but also recorded my set at this one for me (he’s @psystatic on Twitter). He’s going on tour with the fella out of InMe (did I spell that right??) later this month and I wish him the best of luck and all the joy which that should potentially bring to him.

Forgetting everyone else, here is a little chunk of my performance where CAPPAMAN ‘falls apart’ to reveal a perfectly apt cover version. I do hope Sinead O’ Connor is OK. She’s not been that well lately, suffering from the dreaded bipolar that shapes and distorts so many of our tiny pointless lives.

So, in the thought that I should perhaps be a bit more organised for my next two gigs at Cluny 2 on Saturday 2nd June and at The Bridge Hotel on Friday 22nd June, I have been recording new backing tracks and thinking about what I am going to play. Sometimes, I feel I can over think these things and they end up becoming a little bit shit on the day but I’m sure if you had well over 1000 songs to choose from to make a set list of about 7 or 8 that you want to perform in front of an indifferent audience, who have been forced to come to a gig they have to warm to rather than actively want to be at – then you’d think about it too!

Apart from reading, writing, recording, lying in bed listening to podcasts and radio 4, looking out of the window and quietly putting flowers on a grave I have done nothing this week.

Oh hang on… I turned 30! Perhaps best summed up by the words my friend wrote to me in his birthday card; “Here’s to the next 30 years, I hope they will be as pointless as the first”.

I thought I’d leave you with… I had all sorts of beautiful and poignant songs in my mind to drag your attention to for my 1st anniversary blog – but thought I’d leave you on an amusing note, as perhaps, the avid reader of this blog may also discover, I could have spent hours writing, whinging and moaning about any one of these subjects but the rather wonderful comedian, David O’Doherty can do it in about 4 minutes.

To answer my most asked question about this blog… yes, It takes me between 2 and 3 hours to write. You’d think it would be better.

David O’Doherty BEEFS:

MORE? You got it

Martin “Meiosis” Thompson will be appearing live at:

CLUNY 2, Newcastle – Saturday 2nd June.

THE BRIDGE HOTEL, Newcastle – Friday 22nd June.

Looking for more stuff about Meiosis and to hear the music? This website is the one you will be needing: http://www.musicbymeiosis.com

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