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Thursday 12th July 2012. Blog #53.


I think someone shouting “DON’T YOU KNOW THIS IS THE ‘QUIET COACH’?!!” at the top of their voice is rather funny. However, for those who have to put up with the angry man in the quiet coach, it is probably the bane of their life. There’s always one who will shout at the noise of somebody tapping on their laptop or just looking at their mobile phone. If you do a reasonably long train journey, one of them will pipe up. You may hear them muttering to the Train Guard “can you do something about him?”, “What?” “Him, he has been gently tapping his foot on the floor for EXACTLY ten minutes and forty five seconds now… and nobody is doing ANYTHING about it.” With the noise of the 2,500 horsepower engine pushing behind you, being thrown from side to side and the interruptions from the click & clack of a train moving, I’m sure that man tapping his foot twice in the past ten minutes is going to distract you from looking into dead space forever, but I think you should wake up to the world around you. I think The Quiet Coach should be abolished on trains. It serves no purpose other than to add extra rules to an already rule-ridden experience and to give an opportunity for Nazis to rule in a quiet corner of a travelling world. If you take public transport, you have to be respectful of your fellow public.  

Having a ‘Quiet Coach’ suggests that every other coach can be a ‘Be a Dick Coach’ and I think, when travelling on public transport, you have to be prepared to accept the general public’s shortfalls. If everyone respected each other a happy compromise would be not only beautiful but also progressive. You can make wonderful friendships over a journey on public transport. People who you’ll never see again but who may make you happy as you carry their word with you forever. It’s amazing. Just try being nice, or refrain from being a dick. Adjust your personality to match your surroundings. There is little other time in your life to mix with so many people from all walks of life. Embrace it. It’s wonderful.

Obviously, I really need to write about my new album but I am also worried about the following subjects which I may have to come back to in later blogs:







My album is called ‘Songs For 20 Something Year Olds’. It’s the follow up to my effort last year, ‘Where Reality Ends And I Begin’. It will be released to the world to no acclaim or hype on Monday 3rd September 2012.  Because the last album was my first in 10 years and I made such an effort to make it sound sensible and clever, I needed to make something a little more encapsulating of the sound of the old Meiosis people may remember from a long time ago.  I decided upon the title for the album after having found an old photograph that was taken for Meiosis promo when I was 19. Realising I was 29 when I found it, I thought an album of songs I have written from the last 10 years may be appropriate to mark my passing of age. However, I thought… all through my 20s I have been reprimanded or persecuted or just plainly looked down upon by society because of my age. Rather than having a ‘punk revolution’ or a ‘resistance to the establishment’, I thought it better to present some songs I wrote on an acoustic guitar when I was a venerable 20 something year old.  To be fair, I think I had more knockbacks in my 20s than most and my last album reflects that.  I wanted to make something happier and more buoyant - and so I have!

The mixing period was the hardest of all. I know how things are intended to sound, and my intentions aren’t targeted that highly. I want everything to sound kinda lo-fi and under-produced. We can make stuff sound awesome later when we play the songs live. I just like my recorded music being slightly understated in its production. In that respect, I’m lucky – I don’t have the ability or equipment to do otherwise.  Often, I deliberately make recorded mixes sound awkward and disjointed – just because I know it works much better live in its natural form. I know music fans appreciate that. I recorded this album with a total disregard to how I’d go about playing it live. Even though I use backing tracks to a great extent, it’s still quite often difficult to reproduce these songs live. I think the formula is [don’t put in more tracks than a 5 piece band could handle]... but then you know me…! When mixing, I noted that at least one of the songs on this album had 27 tracks. Most of the album turned out to be the same. I must have recorded it like a dick, being a dick in a quiet coach. All of the songs had over 20 recorded tracks on them. This was my mixing nightmare!

They weren’t recorded neatly either. Anyone who knows how I play guitar will know I don’t play by mathematical and sensible time but by my own time that I have made up with ‘true feelings’ and ‘wetness’.

Anyway, we have decide to sell this album for £3… yes £3!!!

I’ll tell you why…

Now that I am older, I can afford a small loss.

I want as many people to hear it as possible.

So far, this album has cost me nothing, only time.

I am able and ready to promote this album (I was promoting a David Bowie show at the time of realise of my last album – the show cost £2000 – the album was £500 – what would you do?)

When I was on a wage at 16/17, a minimum wage came into place. It started at £3. That was the world to me. I got a respectable pay rise to £3.60 an hour! I attended a rally and the organisers thought a minimum wage of £5 would be possible. I thought ‘bullshit’. I was wrong.

Throughout most of my 20s £3 has been roughly the average price of beer.

I don’t want to be a money-grabbing fuck-faced twat, who values his work more highly than the people who enjoy it.

Therefore because I can… and because I will… Songs For 20 Something Year Olds by Meiosis will be available as a download package only. In that package, there will be lots of files and a booklet and stuff (maybe a hidden extra or two:;) – and for the rest of you who refuse to acknowledge that time and formats have moved, there will be a limited edition double CD/DVD package with loads of extras… be aware that this may cost you upwards of seven or eight pounds!

Meiosis will be playing Northumberland Hussars, Heaton, Newcastle on Friday 20th July 2012 - as part of Heaton Arts Festival. This is a really worthwhile event and this will be your last chance to hear Meiosis before the album launch... and get a sneaky peek at some of the new songs! For full details please go to the Live page, then come along and offer your support (did I mention it's FREE?!)  

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