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Saturday 13th August 2011. Blog #13.

Well that's it. It's August and the last summer of my twenties is as good as over. I might as well hide under my bed from now on. I have tried to pack as much into this summer as I felt possible without harming my physical and mental health and I believe I have just scraped through unscathed.
For most of this week I have been undertaking the laborious task of mixing my album. It would have been nice to allow someone else to do this, as fresh ears on the music may have been a good thing, but given my mistrust of everyone and my obsessiveness that everything has to be just right it inevitably meant I ended up doing it on my own, in solitude, with no-one from the outside. Much like my live gigs!   

I have however asked a few local acts if they would like to record little guest parts on a few of the songs. I'd be tempted to let you all know who these people are but I think I will have to wait to see who actually ends up doing it as I am never all that confident people will come up with the goods. So far so good and it's very kind of these acts to even agree to giving me something for nothing. I hope one day I will be able to return all of the favours I owe.

The mixing stage is an odd stage as you end up listening to the songs over and over again. The fact is that to my ears the song will never sound quite right, even if I had hired the most expensive studio and the most renowned producer. I have in my imagination how it all should sound but I believe this fictional version will remain just that as it's probably sonically impossible to recreate in the real world.

Yesterday I was doing a spot of preparation on my Bandcamp page and listening to some of my old recordings. What I can say about this album is that they definitely sound better than that! Even, I daresay, better than our demo we recorded in a proper good studio at Leeds University. How times have changed (or maybe we just rushed it so it's a bit pants!)

Anyhoo, when I started doing Meiosis stuff again due to unpopular demand last October I made available the three albums I had made all that time ago. Namely 'Meiosis', 'The Melon Shark Legacy' and 'Bob'. I was going to say that in comparison to what I am recording now they sound really shit. But what I am recording now doesn't sound THAT amazing and the old recordings sounded shit even before you thought about any comparisons with anything else. Anyway they are free to download now so presumably you'll be lapping it up you fickle little gobshites.

So, here they are: http://www.musicbymeiosis.com/music.html

Earlier this year I had taken the albums down from the site. I still wanted to make the songs I was playing live available for people to listen to and so I uploaded three kind-of 'Best Of' albums with key songs and some better songs I never got the chance to release. In hindsight I feel to rip the albums up and pretend that they never existed wasn't quite right and certain songs belong there more than anywhere else and so I have put them back again. Displayed warts and all for everyone to laugh at. I have also included the unreleased tracks plus a few more over 2 compilations. In addition to that I'm using Soundcloud to upload some interviews and live and acoustic stuff as well. It's all free so you have no grounds to complain and even if you did I'd probably just agree with you anyway and you'd become frustrated. So there really is little point. Don't bother. And now, having told you this, if you still did complain my reply would be that you're an idiot.

Here's my Soundcloud page: http://soundcloud.com/musicbymeiosis (you may complain if you own the rights to any of the cover versions I put up there! I'll take them away if you like and simply listen to them on my own, privately, touching myself whilst doing so and if you think that's better than me sharing and promoting your already successful and money-spinning works of art then go ahead, but you will make me cry).

Anyway, this brings me back to all this preparation which creates a nice empty space for the music I have made in 2011. The new album is called 'Where Reality Ends And I Begin'. I think the track list is now set in stone so if you are a fan of lists and a geek then get a load of this:

1.   The Sober I, Repulsed By The Drunk Me
2.   Maniac FM
3.   1995
4.   This Time
5.   On My Own
6.   Open Arms For Broken Hearts
7.   My Crazy Insomnia
8.   Twinkle And I
9.   Where Reality Ends And I Begin
10.   Blue Skies

Today, I plan yet more mixing and may start thinking about designing the cover (yes I will be doing that myself as well). I think we will be recording a cheap homemade video for 'This Time' at some point so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Whilst I am here I also think it may be worth mentioning Newcastle's Ignition festival as I was promoting it and directing you to tickets from this World Wide Website. I obviously think, as many do, that it was a massive shame it did not go ahead and that it was cancelled at such short notice. I have noticed quite a bit of resentment towards the organisers for this and this to some extent is understandable. I will say that before promoting the festival I met up with one of the organisers for a drink and he in my opinion is a very sound chap. They really were trying to pull off an ambitious achievement and push themselves to create something rich and vibrant not only for themselves but also for the music scene in Newcastle. I can tell you that even if the festival had gone ahead as planned the people behind it would not have been raking in shed-loads of money as some seem to suspect. If making loads of money from a festival is your desire then you are better off selling hotdogs at one than running it. And although the organisers are probably feeling overwhelmingly depressed and out of pocket at the moment I do hope they can pick themselves up, dust themselves down and try something similar in the future as I thought their ambition and drive could only be of merit to our little music scene in this city. Hopefully if you were attending to see Frank Turner or one of the many local bands due to play you managed to catch them at one of their hastily reorganised events in the city over last weekend, which I find was a real example of the true showmanship you find in musicians around here.  

Sometimes these ambitious projects pay off, sometimes they don't. If we all give up trying then it's going to become very boring around here. My own ambitious project, although very un-ambitious in comparison, is the David Bowie show I'm organising for this November. It's the biggest and most expensive thing I've ever tried to organise and if it all goes wrong, if not enough people show up, then Christmas will be cancelled in our house this year. So go and buy a ticket. They are only a tenner and if you like David Bowie then we have the best Bowie tribute band in the country to cater for your needs! Go now! https://www.wegottickets.com/event/121285

So, the point I am trying to make is that if you don't try to be something you're not then you will never become what you want.

Music, Lyrics and more local stuff can be found at http://www.musicbymeiosis.com

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