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Thursday 15th November 2012. Blog #65.


It is 2 days to go until my final gig of 2012. It has been a difficult week. After having written extensively last week about how much I was looking forward to seeing the 2 headline bands play together again, one of the bands dropped out due to commitments in the local catering sector. ‘Bollocks’, I thought to myself as I cried into my hands, ‘I have spent an awful lot of time promoting this and we’re expecting a decent crowd now. Oh well, at least we still have the other headliner’… and then they dropped out due to a shift in the local housing market.

The pros of starting to organise gigs 3 months in advance is that, I find in what little spare time I have, I get to have a good run at organising it and getting a bit of promotion out to the world at large. The cons are that bands who do not promote themselves are blissfully unaware of how much preparation, groundwork and money goes into this. Playing on a reputation a promoter has to build up, calling in favours and putting down deposits on stuff, signing contracts & organising logistics. That’s why politely and gently letting a promoter down with 1 week to go is like dropping a bombshell in his or her mind that obliterates all of their rational thought process and tunes them straight into their default ‘PANIC’ mode.

My formula for organising gigs may have to change if I am to do any more next year. 2 years ago I set myself the target of doing 3 albums in 3 years and I guess I’m half way there but it’s now becoming difficult to balance playing live and writing and recording the music.

I suppose that’s why I set the target because I knew I couldn’t do it unless I played to my own obsessive and compulsive ego that always wishes to prove myself and everybody else wrong. In doing that, at this stage I think I may have been wrong as this project does not allow me to move on when I begin to feel that I naturally should. To screw this realisation up further, the reason I feel I should move on and quit Meiosis work is because it appears to be becoming rather successful, financially viable and popular. I’m in this for none of these things!

I need to have a challenge. I need a task that I don’t find easy to continually keep me occupied. My day job does not fulfil my needs but finances all the money losing and inadequate musical ventures I need to complete in my life before I die. I cannot continue abusing Newcastle audiences with my unique brand of Bowiesque indie/art/lo-fi bop, affording wonderful rare unique human beings the chance to not watch the X-Factor and come outside of their baby shit ridden, negative equity entailing houses and watch not only me making a fool of myself (but at the same time being somewhat entertaining) but also another 2 or 3 acts who I have elected to showcase at my gig who are always absolutely always fucking awesome (not always musically admittedly). I honestly just cannot subject my wonderful and loyal friends, family and fans in Newcastle to this anymore.


In Spring 2013, myself and Snugglenolia the Little Giraffe will tour the UK. Seriously, we have 2 dates almost confirmed and another 3 in the process. As the stress of 2 years of playing exclusively in Newcastle has not killed me, I’m going to try my hand at commercial, artistic, financial and actual suicide by playing in towns where I have no following and no friends to fall back on to beg to attend gigs. As I’m an awkward bastard, we’re also organising the gigs ourselves & only playing independent venues which are happy to have us there. Just in case that was not hard enough – I’m also bringing at least one Newcastle band with me to headline – so in a nutshell – it’s exactly what I have been cleverly and independently doing in Newcastle upon Tyne for the last 7 years but in a different place. I’m set and ready for low attendances but high spirits.

If you regularly read this blog, and you live in a place – I know you do, I have seen the statistics - then why not drop me a line if you’d like us to play at a place near you? Remember venues have to be independent and also awesome. If you can suggest a local band to have play with us, that’d be a great help too.

Strangely, I am looking forward to this failure. I know it will be awful and probably pointless, filled with expensive trips away from home (you underestimate how much I love being at home), exhausting hangovers, the possibility of being bottled off stage by middle-aged fuckwits who were expecting a Bowie tribute band (or just physically injured due to my own stupidity in unfamiliar surroundings) but I think now is the right time to do it for the first time and I’m pleased with myself for recognising that fact.

If you want to help us out by suggesting venues or local acts near you then please contact me at MusicbyMeiosis at gmail.com – if you cannot work out my email address from that or wonder why I have chosen to present my email address in such an un-user-friendly format, then please – do not bother contacting me (or maybe think about it for 10 seconds and if you still cannot work it out, then don’t bother).

If you don’t like my music and are wondering which bands I’m bringing with me on tour then I’m afraid you will have to email me too – as it’s a secret until the full tour is announced – but … again if you want me to bring a Newcastle band to your town, then you may beg and plead with me via the email address above. Newcastle has an awesome music scene. It is a small city with wonderful gigs happening every single night. Unfortunately, there are not enough people in the city to go around all of these fantastic shows, so if I take a couple of acts out of Newcastle to another city, then I’m actually doing somebody, probably a promoter or band, in Newcastle a favour. Most people in Newcastle will still stay in and watch ITV’s crimes and monstrosities that ITV call entertainment though.

However, people of Newcastle upon Tyne need not put down my quest for love from other cities as in 2 weeks, we are launching a new thing:

‘Martin Thompson’s Friendly Atmosphere Newcastle Music Scene Podcast’ is possibly a long winded way of titling a podcast about music in Newcastle. We have loads of nice demos from local bands, interviews and live tracks – with quite a bit of talking shite inbetween. It’s a bit of evolution from this blog and I hope you enjoy it. It’s taken us 2 months to compile 1 podcast, we’re very much trying it out. If the first is reasonably successful, then we will make a series of 6 to be released in the spring. If you are in a band, love a band that should be played, interviewed or recorded live then let us know at that email address I gave earlier. Despite the title we’re happy to play stuff from beyond Newcastle too! Please do get in touch!

If you were looking in here, expecting me to rant about the Tories, a man called Jimmy or the BBC, or the new-found laws of the land we live in, in which citizens are subjected to being guilty until proven innocent by media…

…or wanting somebody to speak out about free speech and how it has been compromised by the government, media and society...

…then I am sorry but that is exactly what you were expecting me to do, so I can’t!
I hope the following sentence will satisfy all parties and universally be recognised as a gesture of goodwill towards all people in the western world. It is also legally sound, which I like;

In my humble but also popular opinion, having never met, dealt with or talked to the man, I think (I might be wrong) maybe, just maybe

Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan is a cunt.


To be continued…

I’ll be back.

Unfinished Symphony:

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