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Monday 16th July 2012. Blog #54.


I don’t agree with the music industry making money from holograms of dead people. Is it only me who believes this is morally wrong?

I saw the 2Pac thing from Coachella this year. Don’t get me wrong – I think it’s amazing what they can do with this hologram technology. It was all pretty impressive and perhaps a great gimmick too if you’re Snoop Doggy Bang Bang or Ice Flinch to have your mate perform alongside you but it appears to have opened up the floodgates for something more sinister.

The best and most lucrative thing you can do as an artist is die. People will scramble from all over the world to buy your work & your life ethos if you are dead. However, I’d like to think that rather than investing so much time and money into people who have left this cruel, vile world by their own idiocy, natural causes or horrible diseases, that the music industry invest more in people who are alive.

I know another ‘Best Of’ album from Whitney Houston or Britney Spears (I know she’s not dead but she will be one day & exploited as much) will fetch more money from the stupid general public than an album by all the brilliant Newcastle bands I mentioned a couple of stupid blogs ago but if the industry take up all of their time stressing on how perfect a dead person can look in holographic form then they will be spending less time on looking towards new talent.

I expect Amy Winehouse is next to become a hologram, her father is adamant this should happen because it keeps her music alive. Well not really… her music will keep her music alive. Her live performances, in her latter days, tended to be full of swearing and drunkenness. I’ll be interested to see which Amy Winehouse they recreate. Will it be the wonderful singer/songwriter or will it be an unbearable arse who spits a lot? Only time will tell.

Don’t get me wrong… although I am aware that most people will be able to get me wrong on so many levels apart from my own. Why don’t you sit down and have a little think for a change? Resurrecting dead people to perform in front of thousands of people for lots of money is morally wrong and although this amazing technology exists, it should be put to better use. If this is the future, the future sucks.

Perhaps when Mozart, Bach & Mungo Jerry died – and people released their recordings on record or CD – or tape … whatever they had in those days, everybody thought ‘oh great… a dead person singing in my drawing room’. They didn’t stuff their dead bodies, prop them up on a bandstand in a park and make them repeat again and again the song the public love. They left their legacy alone. In 20 years’ time are kidz going to be saying ‘oh yeah, I like Elvis – but he was much better when he was dead’?

The music industry in unscrupulous and almost dead itself, so naturally they will want to cash in on this technology. For an industry that famously has no morals (and why should it?) it should be turning its attention to new music rather than old & looking towards new ways of selling us our music. How is this done? By wholeheartedly realising that not everything makes instant money for a business. Not everything is commercially viable. That there is an untapped source of wonderful people in the world who are willing, ready and able to give away music for free, sell concert tickets at a reasonable price, stamp out touts, sell albums at a reasonable price, not manipulate the general public by means of ITV reality programming and actually make this art ‘artistic’ , rather than rehashed, regurgitated wank again. If you write a song, you might want that song to be heard, so you record it.  It was never meant to be a visual spectacle. It was a song. It was meant to be listened to in the dark, so the listener can maybe, somehow, get to the same emotional place the writer was in on the day they wrote it.  Because music, in its own nutshell, is only a way of expressing and sharing emotion. If there was no social need for humans beings to express emotion, then music would not exist. So that’s why I think Gareth Gates is OK and that’s why I love Jedward. I even love Chiquo and Frail Daddy. I like the idea of programming like the ‘X Factor’ or ‘Britain Has Got Some Entertainment Value’ because they allow the general public to make choices. When the general public as a whole make decisions that’s when good things happen… right? That’s why we have such an amazing coalition government… yeah? It’s because as a whole we are much better at choosing things for ourselves rather than just being exposed to things we have never done before.

Do me a favour… go outside. Go and listen (and look!) at your local musical talent who send you Facebook event requests every single freaking week. Go out and see some acts before they are famous and then… if heaven knows… go and see them when they are famous. Don’t go to see them when they are dead. There is little to no point.

Today would have been (the dead) Ian Curtis’ 56th birthday. I think you should show some fucking respect.

Meiosis will be playing Northumberland Hussars, Heaton, Newcastle on Friday 20th July 2012 - as part of  Heaton Arts Festival. This is a really worthwhile event and this will be your last chance to hear Meiosis before the album launch... and get a sneaky peek at some of the new songs! For full details please go to the Live page, then come along and offer your support (did I mention it's FREE?!)  

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