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Friday 16th December 2011. Blog #28.


I’d like you to think about how and why you spend your time and money.
There are too many people staying in on an evening. Either watching Gary Barlow coming across as cleverer than he is, watching Bruce Forsyth or watching Z-list celebrities inflicting cruelty to insects by gobbling them up like whores.

Go outside you fucking idiots. In every city there is a small music scene where for as little as 2 of your hard earned pounds, or maybe nothing at all, you can see a local musician play out their craft, soul and art. And maybe… just maybe – you might enjoy it and find it more entertaining than watching an idiot tell another idiot that they are an idiot.

Shop in independent stores; use your values and your soul to point you in the right direction. Buy records from local record shops. Buck the trend. Buying your Pot Noodles from a newsagent’s does not count.

The world is geared now to make us stay at home and spend all of our money. We can go to a website and buy and sell to our heart’s content with fictional money that doesn’t exist. Then when it’s time to go outside and go to a bank and withdraw real ‘old’ money that you hold in your hand (it’s made of paper and metal), you complain that you don’t have enough of it available to spend just 3 or 4 of it to watch a local band. Stop your life and think.

There isn’t a lot which is truly independent left and anyone who’d like to start their own independent business doesn’t have a lot going for them because of you. It’s your fault you fucking tool.

If you’d like to know how a true independent business and something with attitude, soul and values comes about then read this true story about the club and venue, World Headquarters in Newcastle: http://www.welovewhq.com/history-and-culture2

Now… if you have any friends (I’m aware many of you don’t) and they have something to offer for some money or some time then take them up on that offer. If you know a band, artist, musician , greengrocer, newsagent, DJ, man with a van, Percy Sledge impersonator, clothes shop owner, architect, computer programmer, fiddler, fork handle supplier, publisher, painter and decorator or man who wants to sell his CD album from his independent website then take them up on their offer. Instead of sitting on your fat arse feeling oh so content with your dismal and boring life.

I remember when you used to have to go outside to a shop and pay nearly 2 pounds to get a bit of music that you might not have heard before. I remember when Facebook, Twitter, The World Wide Web, mobile telephones and the wheel did not exist. I am one of the last generation of those who use these things to supplement and complement their lives rather than being the sole part of it. I might seem to be an old man having a rant but when one person stops doing one thing (such as going outside of their house for entertainment), it affects another person. Human value is everything to us – until it costs us time or effort.

There was a single on vinyl many many years ago which had a fantastic B-side. You will never hear it because it’s a physical thing made of plastic, cardboard and atoms of which you have no concept. But if you go outside and see something you’ve never seen before or walk into a tiny shop and buy some music on a CD when you haven’t heard every single track of for free beforehand – on the basis that it has a nice cover – then your life will be full of beautiful things that you can immediately share on Facebook like a cunt.

There was another single on vinyl many many years ago that if you turned it over, you could hear this song. You can’t do that with an MP3 file…

If you MUST stay in then…

Go and buy some independent music: http://www.musicbymeiosis.com

Go to an independent club site: http://www.welovewhq.com

Buy some more independent music: http://www.musicbymeiosis.com/toxic-melons.html

Hire an independent DJ: http://www.thediscoco.webs.com

Buy lots of independent music: http://www.stores.ebay.co.uk/RPM-Music-Cdxpress

Now get out of the internet and go outside.

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