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Tuesday 17th January 2012. Blog #32.


Well that was a lovely gig at The Bridge Hotel. Meiosis played night number 2 of 4, that were all organised by the great Ian Courtney (@cowandspoon on the Twitters). All the other acts on the bill were also awesome, namely Jamie O’Neil, Lucy Pickard and Psy Of The Dead. I am aware that some Meiosis fans were loud and loutish during Lucy’s set, however take solace in the fact that these people are unaware of the etiquette when good music is being performed due to the very fact that they are fans of Meiosis. I hope they are forgiven. Anyway, it was all in aid of Mr Courtney’s birthday and more so in aid of Coalition Against Crime which is a great little charity that shows kids who are on the wrong track in life the right direction to change their ways. You can find out more about them here: http://www.thecoalition.org.uk – I am reliably informed all 4 nights were a success and raised a good deal of money and awareness for the charity, and I was really proud to be a little part of it.

I played a well-behaved set of a mix of old and new Meiosis tunes (I was just going to do new stuff but had a sudden change of heart on the day of the gig). There are a couple of mobile phone videos on the new videos section of this website. I’d recommend watching The Sober I Repulsed by the Drunk Me just because I would. OK?

The next Meiosis gig will be at The Cluny in Newcastle which I’m very much looking forward to. I regard The Cluny as Newcastle’s The Cavern or Leadmill – it is a great venue to be at to see stuff and although I have never played there myself I know from all my musical friends that it’s a very nice place for a band to do their stuff. Meiosis will be joined by Captain Trips (@Captaintripsuk), Deltasound (@Deltasounduk) and Psy of the Dead (@Psystatic). It’s Andrew from Captain Trips’ birthday and also my parents are invited. Should be fun but be on your best behaviour everyone please. I’m going to try very hard not to say “fuck” or “cunt” or “Twatty McTwatface” all night. However, Snugglenolia the Little Giraffe has not yet been briefed on this.

This week I have been writing a bit of music and working hard at my day job. I was hoping to be able to re-upload the This Time video to YouTube with a much better audio track but it appears I have lost some of the visual files I need to re-edit it so unless I go around the houses and bootleg download my own video from YouTube in order to redo the audio then I’m fucked with it! Let’s not forget I do everything with Meiosis myself. I don’t claim to be good at anything in particular I just have to learn much of it as I go and I’m still very much on the learning curve with making videos. Anyway – if anyone knows how I can upload a new audio track to improve the poor existing audio on a video to which I’ve lost bits of the visual then do let me know via the contact tab on this website! I bumped into the marvellous Mr Mike Gatto the other day and talked (ranted) at length about music. I also pointed out to someone who had been listening to and enjoying a song for the last 6 months that he thought was by American Joy Division/The Smiths tribute act, The Drums that ‘You Drive. I’ll Shoot’ is in fact by the Newcastle loveables SDF.

I did recently lose faith in the Newcastle music scene, wondering if it had lost its direction and were there any decent bands left performing around here (Meiosis aside)? I came to the conclusion that I am completely wrong to think such a thing as I discovered that it was I who had lost direction by just not exposing myself to the bands and artists in Newcastle since I stopped promoting the buggers. It is pretty vibrant but getting punters to gigs tends to be focused upon student term, and the locals tend to be happy listening to the same shite over and over again in bars and clubs week in week out without taking much notice.

Mainstream gigs in Newcastle tend to be very well attended and it’s a shame that more of these music lovers do not check out the local scene a little more. Well... I say it’s a shame but in actual fact it’s probably a Godsend as if this was so then every venue with live music would be exactly the same and have the prefix ‘Carling’ or ‘O2’ or ‘J.D.’ before its title. Wetherspoon’s pubs are becoming as dominant as Greggs outlets around here and it’s not something I can approve of. Maybe if Greggs move into live music promoting then I may be persuaded to jump onto the bandwagon. Throwing vegetarian chicken bakes at Paul McCartney fans will be my only premise to do so though. It was outstanding to hear Polarsets on Radio 1 a few weeks ago. They are an awesome Newcastle band whom I showcased twice. It’s nice to see peeps moving on so fast – but I know with those guys it was a lot of hard work paying off that got them this tiny national status – however, I wouldn’t be surprised if they catch the right time to be internationally massive in a couple of years. If Coldplay can do it from being shit then I’m sure these lads can do it as they have the added bonus of actually being fucking awesome.

I do like the American band, The Drums. I like that they sound like 80s British indie pop. Like REM did in the 80s. I hate the 80s though. They were (baggy) pants.

As I draw closer to my 30th birthday I have begun to realise the importance or nostalgia. I was a teenager in the 1990s and as you develop from a child into an adult, whichever decade this takes place in is when you are likely to pick up your adult personality, values and traits that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. I have always been a fan of seeing or hearing somebody do something that they haven’t done for a very long time but for the past year or two I have basically been able to live as an adult in 1995. I have been to see Blur and Pulp live, I have been watching Reeves and Mortimer on television and this week I purchased the DVD of Fist Of Fun which I very much loved when I was 14 but have been unable to re- watch since (it’s here if you want it: http://www.gofasterstripe.com). And of course in addition to all of this I’ve been performing Meiosis songs live again, giving some of the songs I wrote as a teenager a new lease of life. The video I pleaded for in this blog (Lost Property) a few months back has also come up trumps, as somebody has found it! It shows a Meiosis gig 12 years ago when I think we were all in our late teens. It’s 90 minutes long so I’m not sure how to edit it yet for your consumption – some of the tracks are barely audible too so we’ll see what we can do with it. Oh… I’m also very drunk on it so we’ll have to make it look like I wasn’t!  Anyway, it will be yet more free material available to you via this lovely website. Lap it up you massive tight cunts as I will be charging for my services by the hour after I have left office (like Tony Blairs). I have decided to make my set at The Cluny very much reflective and celebratory of this nostalgic thing with a good smattering of old tunes we played that night back in September 2000.

The best thing I noticed about my last gig was that I think I’m finally starting to get good at performing the songs on my own. It only taken 13 years to do it.

Next time you ask “what’s on the end of the stick, Vic?” the answer is – the moon. He had the moon on a stick that Mr Lee always wanted.

Here are a few bands I have promoted over the past 5 or 6 years. There are more that I love but they haven’t had the foresight to be on YouTube before I wrote this blog. Idiots. Lovely unpromoteable idiots.


So What Robot/Odd Shaped Head

Toxic Melons


Captain Trips

Purple Shards

Moira Stewart


You can listen to the new Meiosis album now for free on the World Wide Web: http://www.musicbymeiosis/music.html

Then you can buy it for money (not a lot) from here: http://www.musicbymeiosis.com/store.html you massive tight bastards.

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