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Saturday 18th June 2011. Blog #6.

Pavement cyclists are the lowest of the low. The gig at Head of Steam last week went as well as could be expected. A half decent turnout and great support acts in the form of Mike Gatto, Ian Courtney, and For The Others (see the new Leave tab on the website for further details on these acts). I was happy as always to play at the end to the sound of stampeding feet as the acoustic sets finish and I start making too much noise for the bad-mannered folk to talk over. Even though there are far fewer people left in the room I'm happier to be playing to people who are going to take an interest and perhaps even listen to the tunes rather than a bunch of idiots who don't understand the concept! I don't feel the need to explain it either. Either you 'get it' or you don't.

I'm starting to feel, even though I change the set almost completely every time I play, that the older songs are wearing thin on me and I felt I was at my best when airing a couple of songs from the new album: 'The Sober I, Repulsed by the Drunk Me' and '1995'-  and if you were there you were the first to hear how this album is roughly going to sound. It's not half as depressing as I have been making out, is it?!

Present at this gig were a group of gentlemen who maybe had more to drink than everyone else in the room and seemed to voice their opinions rather forthrightly after each song. But they appeared to be enjoying themselves and surprisingly the music too, so I played along. However they did shout out the word 'cunt' at regular and random intervals whilst I was playing 'This Time'. I have no idea why they did that… the only reason I can think of is because I told them to! They loved the word so much I believe they will use it again to address their wives and children in future at special occasions such as weddings, garden parties and so forth…

…I did kind of forget that the gig was being recorded.

I'm now taking some time off to go to Glastonbury next week. If you are the kind of person that reads the Daily Mail or gets bitterly annoyed at the BBC every time they broadcast something that isn't to your particular taste; then that's the place hippies go to roll around in mud and eat up lots of delicious LSD.

I did notice some bad press on the BBC for spending 'X' amount on the coverage, which did actually come from The Daily Mail. Well… now I have a publication as huge as yours, namely , I'm going to let the world know that I am one of the "licence-fee payers" that you keep pandering to who contributes to the funding of that coverage, and I think the BBC coverage of Glastonbury is amazing. They could even spend MORE! But because I'm not a selfish whinging little piece of snot (they aren't even snotty at the Daily Mail - just actual snot), I do allow them to spend some of my money on the coverage of the 'Wimbledon Hit A Fluffy Ball With A Bat Tournament' as well, which I have no particular interest in. But many do.

BBC 4 and BBC 6 Music are worth the licence fee alone to me. The Glastonbury coverage is far better than it used to be 10 years ago and I wish that anyone who likes to constantly bash it for no apparent reason would just concentrate on the more populist articles that they are good at concerning how Thatcher is slowly dying, the million and one ways Princess Diana 'could' have died, and apologies for supporting the Nazi Party in the 1930s.

Anyway… as I will be on my holibobs next week I *may/may not (delete after time machine has been invented) post my blog next week from the Glastonbury Festival via an iPhone. Thus making the BBC coverage redundant and pointless.

I won't be able to do any promotion next week either for the various bits and bobs I have going on… so here it is in one big lump!

If you'd like 10% off a weekend ticket for the Ignition Festival click here and use promo code THOM20:  http://www.i-fest.co.uk

If you'd like tickets for "David Bowie" + Captain Trips + Meiosis at World Headquarters in Newcastle on 26th November click here: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/121285

Visit the rest of this website by clicking here: http://www.musicbymeiosis.com

I'll leave you with the video/audio recording from last week's Meiosis gig at the Head of Steam, Newcastle. If you in any sordid or otherwise way enjoy it then keep your eyes on the 'News' section of this website for anything else I can get out of the house for!

Unfortunately I spent so long talking in between songs that my carefully crafted 30 minute set ran into 40 minutes! So we only have 30 minutes of footage. I've posted the song names below for those who are frustrated by not knowing the names of songs they can hear through their ears. I know you exist!

I didn't do too much whinging on this week's blog did I? Use the 'Contact' tab on the website to lettuce know… Did I mention pavement cyclists are the lowest of the low?

Thank you to Simon Chester for recording this video/audio.

6.   PIGHEAD (fades out)
7.   1995 (not recorded)
8.   C.A.P.P.A.M.A.N. (not recorded)

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