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Thursday 19th May 2011. Blog #2.

On Saturday I went down to The Sage (which I'm told I must always point out is in Gateshead rather than Newcastle whenever given the chance), Gateshead to see San Diego's The Black Heart Procession. They were great. They have some really beautiful songs and their minimal arrangement here made them sound even more melancholic. Support came in the form of Martin from local act The Lake Poets who turned out to be a fitting opener with his own brand of twee tunes to match. We had arrived at the venue at 8 on the dot and the lights had just gone down for the first act so we quickly fumbled towards the nearest seats. I felt slightly awkward having been the source of such a distraction but it didn't matter as we were quickly settled and it really was pitch black dark, so there was not a cat in hell's chance of anyone being able to put a face to the, albeit quiet,  shuffling! Anyway about halfway through Martin's set the room was distracted again when somebody behind us engaged in what sounded like a very amusing mobile telephone conversation. It was only when the lights went up at the end I realised we were in the back row and it was the fucking sound guy!

I am always delighted to get off the hook with not being the single most annoying person at a gig.

Which brings me to Friday 10th June which is the date set in stone now as Meiosis & Friends Live at The Head Of Steam. I thought the line up at my last gig at The Telegraph was so entertaining we're going to do it again. Mike Gatto, Ian Courtney, Mikey Smith and For The Others will all be playing again, ending with a quick set from yours truly. It should be a lovely little gig and you should all come so I can force my own entertainment upon you.

The album is coming along nicely too with nearly half of the songs now in some form of life. Little embryos of what should grow into something big, bright and beautiful.  They all have names and I'm just deciding what shade of baby blue to dress them in for their first outing into the big bad world. I may be compelled to play one of them at The Head Of Steam… but then again that's no promise as it's more likely that I won't!

I'll leave you with a song from The Black Heart Procession then that I heard for the first time last week and have grown quite fond of:

Check out more of the band's stuff: http://www.theblackheartprocession.com

Check out Meiosis too!  http://www.musicbymeiosis.com

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