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Monday 23rd April 2012. Blog #44.


I'm in that London again. In the Euston Flyer wondering how long it'll be before Mr Proud from Captain Trips turns up so I can then go home. The Euston Flyer is as far as I want to venture into the Capital today. I didn't really want to leave the confines of Kings Cross station but I have been a brave little soldier and crossed the road to get to the nearest pub.

Yesterday, Rachel The Purvis and I recorded my new video for the first track to be aired from Songs for 20 Something Year Olds. We got rather wet in quite a severe April shower in the process but the thought of the rain maybe adding to the overall effect and mood of the video kept us optimistically thinking it'd be worth the discomfort. I spent the night into the small wee hours editing the footage and managed to create a quite surreal, unique and quite funny little video - as will be my trademark in about 20 years' time when I am still pointlessly creating these things for no money or recognition.

So having been up rather late working on this and having to get up a bit too early for my liking to go to that London, I feel pretty awfullly tired. That, coupled with what feels like a touch of cold (probably due to my fragile and precariously balanced immune system being subjected to the elements yesterday), has made me feel a bit 'whingey'. I'm going to try not to subject you to that here though. If I do then you'll just have to forgive me.

They say that if you're serious about carving a career out of the music industry, the first thing you must do is move to London. If that's the case I'd rather you keep your money, fame and awards and I'll just continue to play to rooms of 30 or 40 people. I don't think it would ever be on the cards for me as I always find the place a bit to much to bear. In my short walk from Kings Cross to The Euston Flyer today I already found crossing the busy roads, and the claustrophobic crowds of busy people, quite frustrating. It takes ages to get stuff done around here as there's always stuff in your way.

....When is it going to be finished?! There's always some major building work or vital improvements taking place for you to negotiate. Surely by now even the most useless builder could have perfected it?

I'm now having to endure the two most excruciatingly tedious things in the world at the same time. Two middle-aged ladies behind are reading out the entire bar menu to each other even though they know, and I know, that they have already decided to have fisherman's pie but are boldly going through everything else and listing the ingredients to Lancashire hot pot and belly pork. Ladies, there's no way you are going to be having belly pork. Just shut up and go get your fisherman's pies. The other is Charlie Brown by Coldplay playing in the background.

I'm beginning to wonder if Mr Proud is sitting in The Euston Tap just down the road? That London can be so confusing like that. Not having individual names for stuff. Like a circus named after a condiment or a clock named after a porn star or a wharf named after a tiny bird or a pop duo named after The Contractors' Health and Safety Assessment and a man called Dave. No, it can't be easy when everything is just a bit annoyingly unoriginal and confusing. If I was in Newcastle this kind of mistake wouldn't be possible with original and unique pub names like The Dog And Parrot or... Wetherspoons.

Anyway, I have now written a blog like a proper professional, like what they do in that London. By that I mean I have walked into a quiet pub, got a pint of real ale, sat in the corner and written a load of bollocks on an iPad for you to read whilst you're having a shit. You're welcome.

Oh look, Mr Proud from Captain Trips has just turned up... and 2 fisherman's pies have been successfully ordered behind me. Coldplay has stopped - maybe that London isn't so bad after all?

Here is my new video to entertain you whilst you wipe your arse.

If you're still bored, check out the rest of musicbymeiosis.com. It won't help, but it'll put the time in 'til you die.

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