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Thursday 24th November 2011. Blog 25.


On Saturday. This Saturday. This coming Saturday the 26th November 2011, I will be fulfilling my last act of my pledge to have a great ‘last summer of my 20s’. I couldn’t get the real David Bowie to play live for me but I have got the next best thing. It’s going to be a great night but also slightly sad. I have been just about able to scrape together the thousands of pounds I’ve spent doing this all Spring/Summer/Autumn – but I’ll also be thankful to be able to chill out slightly from now on!

If you are unaware of my brilliant idea to take up every opportunity that presents itself and to go and do as much as possible this summer just gone as it will be the last summer of my 20s then don’t worry. Everyone reading this who is above the age of 30 will know how important it is to make sure your 20s are enjoyable, and everyone under the age of 29 – do what I did! It’s awesome! Spend a fucking fortune, wear yourself down to almost the point of breakdown and set back your ambitions of settling down and becoming sensible by about 5 years!

Most of the stuff I wanted to do obviously revolved around music and seeing bands. As luck would have it my favourite band Pulp reformed for me and I got to see them 3 times! Some of the things I have done I wouldn’t mind doing again, some were hard work – but still justified. I’d say travelling 1800 miles in July but not actually going anywhere but backwards and forwards was borderline insane but I don’t regret it. It was all amazing. All for my favourite things.

I have travelled all over the country, I have seen some amazing shows, I have many fond memories now. It was all about me, not anyone else – but I send my thanks to those who came with me.

It’s an attitude I’d like to carry on with to a slightly less compulsive extent, as I have discovered that life “maketh the man”.

This Saturday will see the end of life as I have known it for not only the past 11 months, but 5 years. From midnight on Sunday, I will no longer be a ‘promoter’ and I will no longer be a ‘band manager’, but I will be me, making music on my own, and writing, recording and releasing what I can. Thanks to the past 5 years I feel I have the knowledge and experience to do this all on my own. Sometimes as a promoter – I feel all the other promoters are ‘out to get you’. I don’t play with them. I like to think that that is the thing which makes me a good promoter, I won’t pander to competition, I won’t accept anything but the honest integrity of the bands and I will pay if I can. Anyone who doesn’t is a massive cunt! Love the music not the job!

From Sunday, this website will be announcing all the cool gigs I will be doing next year. And hopefully if you can stay with me – I’ll be doing a lot more nice things next year too. Here are some of my ambitions:

There will be peace on Earth, Art Garfunkel will duet with me, I’ll record another music video, Viva Morrissey will be back for a gig with me in Newcastle in a very different form, Meiosis will eventually play the Cluny in Newcastle, Nick Knowles will become known as ‘Sick Knowles’ – just for me being jealous of people who have names with a ring to them, Vic Reeves OR Bob Mortimer will cheer up my depressed rabbit (she’s on a diet), Snugglenolia the Little Giraffe will stop stealing my limelight, the embarrassing email  I sent to Richard Herring (to which he replied) will be erased from time (but then brought back again as his reply was really nice), smog will no longer be classed as an acceptable forecast of weather and will be more of a ‘problem’, someone will set fire to the Big Brother house before another series can be made, I will perform a cover of Marvin Gaye’s ‘Ego Trippin’ Out’,  Captain Trips will release the album I told them 2 years ago they had to do, I will see Pulp one more last time, James will carry on making beautiful music, I will renew my passport, I will  go back to Berlin, Paul “Gazza” Gasgoine will stay off the drink and be nice to peeps, “quack” and “quack” will become the only 2 words David Cameroon can say, therefore making the Lib Dems actually take over and run the county, I will engage in a cuddle with most (not all) of my good friends, Roald Dahl’s ‘Guide To Railway Safety’ will be re-printed and handed out in schools again, Robbie Williams will be finally chastised for his crimes of becoming ‘indie’ then realise that being ‘credible’ as an artist doesn’t make him much money and instead explore and exploit every other avenue to make nothing but money, Ricky Gervais will say sorry, not for everything but for some things (I want to like him), Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy will no longer want to punch me, Moira Stewart will read the six o’clock news to me again, I will stop smoking, vomiting will no longer be an ‘option’ just an illness, Iceberg lettuce will be regarded as a source of H2O and not vitamins, Rolf Harris will sing one of my songs, I will reduce my hair loss by 35%, I will increase the rest my hair going grey by 20%, I will continue my great taste in the shirt/tie combo, the real David Bowie will do something (anything), Leonard Cohen will stay alive and well, Piers Morgan will be imprisoned, and I will be able to visit a brickworks.

I have made many many mistakes over the past 5 years (or forever for that matter). I don’t regret any of them. I believe in what I need.

Some good ambitions there - I think you will agree.

But for now, and only now – come to see my last big gig, buy my album, and visit my website for more. Let’s do something together for a change. Just me and you?



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