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Thursday 25th August 2011. Blog #15.

So have I accomplished what I set out to achieve? I set out to write and record an album that encapsulates the wrath of manic depression.

No I haven't. But then, I would say that as I am happily manic depressive and nothing I ever do will be of the standards I set myself. The album is OK in my opinion. Better than anything else I have ever done. I'm pleased to be able to release it on my own record label too. That is why it's taking us so long to get it sorted. I could have put it up on one of the many music "we're here to help unsigned artists" offers available but… I just don't agree with them!

At great expense (£18) I have set up my own record company - and so I am now a signed act. If Sony or BMG [sic] pitch up asking for my worth then I will tell them to go fuck themselves. I'm signed to my local label - and you can't get more local than just picking yourself up and doing it yourself. I am aware there is a lot more expense to come but to be honest, I am prepared to be annoyed and disappointed with the music industry. I met John Peel once. He told me to carry on doing what you are doing and it will come good. Three months later I contradicted him by stopping everything I was doing and my life changed forever!

If I had followed John Peel's advice I may well have been slightly successful with my music. As I didn't - I gave up music for love, life and employment -  I now have enough money to be able to do it myself. Not a lot. But enough.

My biggest regret ever, more so than my conversation with JP that I can't really remember, was turning down a lady from the USA who wanted to use a few of my songs in a stage show in New York.  I think I was being precious about my baby songs but given the current money spinning 'rock operas' - I would have been there, done that and got the jizz stains on my T-shirt.

Anyway… I was an early adopter of these internet services that give unsigned bands a 'platform' or a 'chance' or a 'fucking sign up to this and we'll be your saviour' kind of arrangement with peoplesound.com. I think they were the first to do this and they were pioneers. They unfortunately no longer exist and if they did I fear they'd be just as annoying as the rest of them. These World Wide Websites do not sell your music as their main business. They sell advertising.

Now if you want you can live in your world like you are watching ITV constantly (maybe at some point in another blog I'll go into why I hate ITV), but I would not want my hard slog of writing songs and recording them to be exploited by a .com company just to get 3 people to hear them, when they purely want you to channel all of your friends to their website in order to drive traffic and sell Nestle products to cunts that don't know any better.

Artists… can't you see this? We need a revolution! STOP GIVING YOUR MUSIC AWAY FOR NOTHING!!

All that aside, I'll probably be using CD Baby and Bandcamp for my album release online - yes it will be on iTunes and Spotify. But that's your fault. At my great expense, you will also be able to walk into a record shop and buy it for a fair price. But I fear… at my great expense none of you will. I go to all of this effort so that you can hold and cherish my album… and you fuck me over by downloading it from iTunes for next to nothing.

If you make music and you care about how the music industry is shaping up these days, we need more independent record labels in order to keep it alive. But not too many - some of you are complete cunts.

I have heard over the last few years, whilst I have been promoting, so many great bands that really should be signed to a record label and be unleashed on the general idiot public (they'd probably like it - they are idiots and like anything that is pushed into their face including ice cream, X Factor, special hand dryers that dry your hand quickly and Wretch 32 [I had to look that up]).  What I am attempting to do with MusicByMeiosis Records Ltd - is find those who make good music around me and then pool our resources to make one massive attack on this shit (in a small way).

I just want to give everyone a chance. But in order to do so… I'm going to need everyone's help.

Because by blogging these things I am aware that I could definitely be completely wrong… but then again…  I could be right.

So here is a video of some fucking idiots having a nice time at your expense… why are you releasing your music on a stupid 'we're here to help the unsigned bands' websites? Because you have no fucking choice.

Things happen here: http://www.musicbymeiosis.com

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