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Friday 26th October 2012. Blog #62.


How do I avoid writing a blog about your exploits? I have formed several opinions that I believe are worthwhile but I believe my blog should be set aside from others by never writing about what is in popular demand but instead drawing some attention to the things that are important to me. You are not important to me. However, I’d like to offer you some form of defence. Trial by media will always be pretty much one-sided, and decided before anyone can hear any form of defence. Do you wanna be in my gang? My gang?

…Oh you’re dead. Blog avoided.

I regularly write about the British public and how stupid they can be en masse. Today, I think I need to address a particular tiny section of society who don’t enjoy being addressed and cannot accept their shortfalls or take a knock on the chin like what we commoners do, namely the Tory government and the Daily Mail. I’m going to put this into bullet points because neither of them understands sentences:

1. One person, whether they are alive or dead, is culpable for their own actions.

2. Nobody should resign because somebody else turns out to have been a prick.

3. Using an act of violence/rape/indecency/foul play/abuse/disregard of decent dress sense against another for your own gain or as a stick to bash somebody else with is almost as bad as carrying out the act yourself in order to gain the stick you always intended to bash with.

For the rest of us we just have to sit and ponder why everything we allow to tick by has turned to shit. The newspapers are shit, the television is shit, the government is shit, the music industry is shit, the Post Office is shit, the police are shit, the NHS is shit, the new series of Red Dwarf is shit, the railways are shit, call centres are shit, the courts are shit, the country has gone to shit, Terry Nutkins is dead, everything is shit.

Well, that’s what you want to believe, so believe it.

Michael Jackson had similar accusations made against him. He went to trial twice and now it’s commonly believed he died an innocent man. Or did he? We can’t judge. We’ll never really know because Michael Jackson is dead (I’m sorry if I was the first to break that to you). If he’s dead then we can never really find out.

The question that has to be asked – and I don’t think I need a bullet point in order to express this one as this is the question that any clever person would ask - is what stopped the victims speaking up in the first place? All I understand is that it was ‘The Culture of The Times’. Was it the swinging sixties or the glam of the 1970s you ask? No. Possibly more because the victims were petrified and frightened that nobody would either care or take them seriously – probably because their confidantes would think it would tarnish their reputation, or too much money was at stake.

For all those abused people who get entangled in these stories to do with famous people, they quite rightly are allowed to tell their story. But what about if you are abused by somebody who isn’t famous? If Jimmy Savile can get away with this for 40 years, how do you even begin to imagine the scale of how many others have been at it undetected, who had no fame or reputation to be kept clean. The victims of their crimes will never be heard. Their victims will never be given the opportunity to speak out. Their victims will take the secret to their grave.

I feel the culture changing in the country. I feel we need a new government and some new laws. I feel we need to get the people at the top in tune with the people at the bottom. How can we do that? By shouting at them!

That was my introduction. I’m sorry to all regular followers of my blog - I haven’t talked to you for a while - so here are my reasons in bullet points, just so you understand (yes it is a call back and that is funny).

1. Britney Spears.

2. Naked.

3. I had chest pains and I thought it possible my demise was imminent.

4. I was quite ill.

5. Just had a little break.

We nearly stopped doing this blog but the outpouring of grief was too strong. I guess I’d be pissed off too if I could not read something on my tea break that avoided Liam (yes that one), David (yes that cunt) or Piers (yes that over-bloated evil piece of meat that shelved his own integrity, conscience & dignity for his own ambition) ‘I’m naming no names’ Morgan. I think we are all in agreement here now so can I move on to tell you something about me?

No? There is not time? It’s the story of my life.

I’m looking for new demos for unsigned artists to put into a lovely new podcast I’m creating. The first one is in its final stages – if it goes down well, we’ll do a series of six weekly or monthly podcasts. It’s very much in the same vein as this blog but centred on the music scene in Newcastle upon Tyne.  The podcast is called ‘Martin Thompson’s Friendly Atmosphere Newcastle Music Scene Podcast’  - but I’ll allow you to call it ‘Martin’s Friendly Atmosphere’ for short.  It will involve me talking to you (hopefully with somebody else) in order to inform, enlighten and entertain you about the highs and lows of the music scene in Newcastle. Who needs the BBC anyway?

Because I have not bothered to ask too many people, I think the first episode will be made of really old demos I was sent when I was promoting bands in 2007-2009. So I’m asking you properly now. Email me at that MusicByMeiosis at Gmail.com with your demos. If you are not clever enough to work out how to email me – then you are not clever enough for this podcast.

Because I haven’t blogged for ages (and because even the word ‘blogging’ is doing my head in, nobody takes this seriously) – how we can overcome the horrible, horrible government & institutions – (but not the BBC – they are awesome)? Somehow somewhere… we can prevail.

When something happens close to you, perhaps you will react accordingly. If then everybody just focuses on you and you only, then you will react to them.

This video is for a lady who likes gin.

Loads of Meiosis stuff at http://www.musicbymeiosis.com

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