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Thursday 30th June 2011. Blog #8.

I returned from Glastonbury in one piece. Well I mean I didn't do any of the things the Daily Mail would have us believe happens to everyone who attends. I didn't do any drugs, I didn't feel it had become too corporate, I didn't eat a hot dog, I didn't fall into a long drop toilet, I didn't get robbed, I didn't see anyone who was any more trendy than anyone who attended in the 1970s, I didn't roll around in the mud, I didn't get ill from accidentally eating cow pat, I didn't curse at the fact cashpoints were available, I didn't feel intimidated by a police presence, I didn't feel security guards on watch towers were tracking my movements, I didn't mind U2 playing, I didn't become a hippy, I didn't do a sun/rain dance, I didn't get a terrible STD and most importantly I didn't get bored, angry, disappointed, frustrated or unhappy at all.

The nice thing about Glastonbury is you cannot fully appreciate the spirit of the place until you actually get there. The BBC do a great job of broadcasting what they can but they can't capture that feeling that reminds you that the human spirit is very much still alive. 200,000 people on a farm, all there for the same thing, all just getting on with it, on their own without much noticeable supervision at all.

My plan for the few intervening days I have at home between Glastonbury and going off to London this weekend to see The Flaming Lips and Pulp was to get some writing and recording done for the new album. However, Morrissey and the aforementioned Pulp have done a good job of helping me almost completely lose my voice! I was also going to head down to an acoustic open mic night to do a bit of practising at playing in front of strangers but my voice is what is known in the medical profession as fucked!

So instead I have staved off my 'Post Glastonbury Boredom Blues' (also a medical term) with catching up with emails, organising and general business that I left behind last week. It's going to take a while to get back up to speed in the Meiosis camp as I had so much going on and my memory is so useless it's kind of like starting from scratch. This is not necessarily a bad thing as I'm likely to discard the useless rubbish I was getting bogged down with and rethink the good and productive rubbish that may become happy memories one day.

I've also realised today that I have 2½ weeks away from my full time job and I'm playing very hard. Meiosis work does seem like a chore at times, even though I don't have to do it - but in order to do the fun bits I enjoy I also have to do the not so fun, boring things I hate - so maybe a little break will do me good. Momentum is essential for what I do but dangerous if you snowball in the wrong direction.

I'm in a very good mood this week. Very tired but a good tired. And after the rather downbeat blog that the very clever Rachel posted for me in my absence (which I found hard work to read but turned out ok in the end), I thought I'd share with you a song I discovered 350 miles away in a field near Pilton, Somerset by a man who is from the town in which I was born:

If you think it's good like I do then help Mr Herbie Treehead out by visiting his website and spending a few quid on his album here: http://www.happysong.co.uk

Take a listen to some more happy songs at http://www.musicbymeiosis.com
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