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Meiosis Recommends...

... a selection of the finest North-East bands, gigs, poetry (yes, poetry!), and anything else that seems worthy of your discerning tastes. New 'cult classics' are being added all the time so check back regularly to be the coolest cat around Toon.

Captain Trips

This band holds a special place in the Meiosis heart, as they were managed and promoted by Martin 'Meiosis' Thompson himself for many years. Now getting back into an exciting line-up of regular gigs, their music is bloody brilliant - you'd be a fool to miss it!

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The Disco Co

I had the pleasure of attending an event where The Disco Co was providing the entertainment, and it was fantastic. Unlike many DJ's, they tailor their music to match the tastes of the crowd - learn more about this unique style below.

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Toxic Melons

Since 2006, Toxic Melons has striven to maintain the philosophy of writing hooky, accessible power pop which unashamedly incorporates a range of influences from different decades...

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Mike Gatto

An acoustic gem on the Newcastle scene - and a really great guy!

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Psy of the Dead

Simon Chester leads this fantastic acoustic/industrial rock trio.

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Ian Courtney

Ian Courtney can often be found supporting Meiosis and is massively popular with his local fans. Want to join them?

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For The Others

'Up-and-coming' is sometimes used as code for 'not very good yet', but not in the case of this fantastic acoustic act. You just have to listen!

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Victoria Ling

137 IMAGING is a collection of works by North East England Photographer, Victoria Ling.
Her main loves are the Urban Landscape, Seascapes and Documenting Musicians.

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Jazzy Lemon

Music and Fashion Photographer who creates grubby, sexy images of band members and indie boys and girls at gigs and festivals and in promo shots smoking too many cigarettes, drinking copious amounts of alcohol and devouring buckets of pot noodles on tour.

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Poetry By Shaft

Yes, poetry - but good poetry... the sort that could make you look really cool on that first date or even inspire you to actually sit down and write some yourself. You know you want to!

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