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Martin Thompson’s Friendly Atmosphere Newcastle Music Scene Podcast

Hello Newcastle & Beyond Music Lovers...

We have started making podcasts for unsigned bands on the Newcastle music scene. For those of you who cannot or will not come out to my gigs - I have created a podcast for you, showcasing all the great acts we have on.

There is a bit of talking rubbish in-between too.

Listen on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/friendly-atmosphere-newcastle/id589045333?mt=2

Listen on Podomatic.com: http://musicbymeiosis.podomatic.com

Listen RSS feed: http://musicbymeiosis.podomatic.com/rss2.xml

Friendly Atmosphere Facebook Group: http://facebook.com/groups/356505254462135

If you would like to get involved or submit a demo please contact Meiosis.

And if you would like to hear more from the Meiosis workshop then click this link to be transported to the world of Meiosis music!

Saturday 13th April 2013. Podcast #6. Series Finale.


We decided to play you some music by some of our favourite local acts. This decision has nothing to do with the fact we have no money to download new music. Highlights include a compilation of hilarious outakes, Martin plays the recorder, a special professional interview from Michael Parkinson and surprise 'guest appearances' from DLT and Bobby Ball.

Here is the music we played:

Deltasound - Our Machines

The Union Choir
- Your Melodica

Brilliant Mind - Don't Give Me That, Rob

Captain Trips - Start Again

Toxic Melons
- Diffidence

Your Casket or Mine - Drop Me Like A Toy

Meiosis - On A Mission

Thanks very much for listening to the series and we hope it hasn't had any long term side effects.

Wednesday 3rd April 2013. Podcast #5.


Alex & Martin attempt another local scene podcast with no cover versions involved whatsoever. To avoid Sony or EMI or Simon of the Cows ruining our little gig we have made a ‘Not Cover Versions’ special. We have also not opened the podcast by doing impressions of 1990s comedy characters (again). That’s the legal stuff out of the way, here is what we played:

Ian Courtney - Interview

Tracks played:

Small Town Hero, from Ian's previous album Militant. Acoustic. Suicide. Pop.

Beauty In Bleakness
Crooked Bones
A Shakespearian Tragedy

All found on Ian’s brand new album, Slings & Arrows, available now at

Euan Lynn – I’m A Believer


Agerskow – This Train Terminates

Taken from their new single – This Train Terminates/Fast Hands (double A side) out now for £3.49 with CD + download at


The Union Choir – Your Melodica


Ciao! – Meiosis


Albion Row – Do It Again

taken from A Fistful of Demos

Facebook: Albion Row Official

David McCann – Let It Be

Taken from the album And I Sang to a Small Guitar, available at

Glory Box – Eddie Rivers


Friday 1st March 2013. Podcast #4.


Windy Pops Martin and Alex 'the Golden Swan' return for episode 4 of the renowned, unbeatably childish Friendly Atmosphere Newcastle Music Scene Podcast. This month we have a wonderful interview with Calum Lynn of Brilliant Mind fame, recorded at The Tyneside Cinema in that Newcastle, and the usual mix of awesome Newcastle-based music and buggery (“fuck-a-way, fuck-a-way”) .

Tracks played:

Razmataz Lorry Excitement – If It Takes Me All Night Long

Taken from the Album If It Takes Me All Night Long available at:

Grandfather Birds – Higher Bridges

Taken from the E.P., Now That’s What I Call… Grandfather Birds! Available at:

Brilliant Mind – Blyth

Taken from The Blyth E.P. Available to stream at:

Other tracks available to download at: www.brilliantmind.bandcamp.com

Tracks played: during Calum Lynn’s interview:

The Room Upstairs – From The Blyth E.P.
Leave Your Friends Behind – From Leave Your Friends Behind (bandcamp, as above)

Twitter: @Calumlynn or @BrilliantMindd

Nick Gladdish – Sticks and Stones


Coalition Against Crime - www.thecoalition.org.uk

My Attorney – John, You Saved My Life

Taken from the album From Our Own Correspondent, found at:

Ian Courtney – Small Town Hero

Available at:

Purple Shards – Reality First

Last FM: Search ‘Purple Shards’

Mike Gatto – The Phone Box

Taken from Floating Through Reality. Available at:

Saturday 2nd February 2013. Podcast #3.


Alex & Martin bring you a fatter dosage of undoubtedly confident talk about nothing important and some of the best unsigned music acts in Newcastle upon Tyne. This month we also chuck in a couple of tracks by the Belfast artists who will be playing with Martin's Meiosis when he does his gig there in March. We also have an interview with Andrew Proud from Captain Trips and he plays us a couple of his lovely new songs on his newly restrung acoustic guitar.

Tracks Played:

Captain Trips - Make The Most Of Now/Circling/Beer Talking

captaintrips.co.uk Twitter: @CaptainTripsuk Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Captain-Trips

Pale Man Made - Started In 1966

and  http://palemanmade.bandcamp.com/

Andy Train - Good Weather Riots


David McCann - Belfast Town



Exclusive tracks from Andrew Proud (Under Ten/Captain Trips):

The Sound Of Sirens
I Don't Walk Straight

The Cartel Youth Movement - My Devotion

Can't find this band on the internet. Contact us!

Modern Colours - Pheonix


Tuesday 1st January 2013. Podcast #2.


Featured in this podcast:

Polarsets – Tropics


Fallen Phoenix – But You Remain

On research, Psy ‘Psy Of The Dead Psy Static Whoosh Simon’ Chester tells me this band are from Middlesbrough and not Manchester. If nothing else, we have discovered yet another place outside of Newcastle. Here is the link to some stuff by them:


Moira Stewart – Mr. Men Groove


Toxic Melons – The Dole


Psy Of The Dead – Brains


Deltasound – Attachment (live at The Central, Gateshead)


Sunday 9th December 2012. Podcast #1.


Martin Thompson chats with Alex Sommersett in this first instalment of Martin Thompson’s Friendly Atmosphere Newcastle Music Scene Podcast. Actually, the second instalment but the first was unbroadcastable!

Bernaccia – Sobering Thoughts

Bernaccia, formally The Out Of Towners, have made a warm crevice in our hearts as they were the first band Alex and I ever put on. On the Podcast I say we are playing this because Alex was drunk on our first ‘try out’ podcast. ‘Tis not true. I was the one who was drunk! It seems apt that we can start off with opposing views but the same band.

You can find Bernaccia at http://www.facebook.com/bernacciamusic

The Colt/The Colt 45s

We love the music of Keith Colt. We thought we had lost him but this podcast brought us to the man – he has a band in operation & a Facebook page. From the electronic vibes of The Colt 45s to The Colt(s) – still not sure if we need to add the  ‘s’ – he appears to do nothing by halves. Thumping, pumping, catchy tunes that WILL WAKE YOU UP!!!



Your Casket Or Mine – Drop Me like A Toy

If Pabs is not already a local hero, then let’s find a space and erect an image of him for all to see. Such amazing song writing technique from a man who we definitely love, & we will love his music forever.



Deltasound are the race, the human race and catching up with any other race of rock, oh… you just tripped over… music is real in front of Deltasound.

We edited the Deltasound interview down to 20 minutes – I think that’s how you’d like it.


Toxic Melons

Is it Fredde Gredde or Freddie Greddie?  I guess it does not matter. Paul from Toxic Melons is a piece of evidence that if you have no money, no budget and no job – you can still create something great and wonderful, thoughtful & musically apt.

This is one of the few Facebook pages I will recommend. Very funny, honest & entertaining:


Captain Trips

Captain Trips was formed by a group of friends in 2006 and has evolved to capture a strong local following at gigs around the North East, playing an eclectic mix of indie rock, punk and blues. Previously managed by Martin Thompson himself, it is only fitting that they feature in his first friendly podcast.    

Twitter: @Captaintripsuk


Well what can we say? Not much. So let's just recap what others have said:

"Meiosis is actually Newcastle based Martin Thompson, a talented so-and-so who certainly knows his way around a wonky tune with added Scott Walker style flavours."

"Martin Thompson has more than enough charisma to pull off the solo act – as amply demonstrated by the between-song chat which is every bit as enjoyable as the music. And as for the music… hints of Bowie, Scott Walker and Jarvis combine with Martin’s inimitable style to produce a sound that is simply unique – with the brilliant backing track providing an awesome backdrop to live music."


Thank you for listening and looking.

The next Martin Thompson's Friendly Atmosphere Newcastle Music Scene Podcast will be in January (ish).

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